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August 17, 2009


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That sounds really, really good! Can you freeze egg yolks, or would I have to make a bunch of ice cream too?


What a great idea for those egg whites! It looks really yummy!

Now, could I have a piece of it?

Barb Cabot

That cake is BEAUTIFUL! I can't bring myself to turning on the oven on a hot day OMG but since the cake came out so well I'm sure it was worth it.


They sure do Chris! mind you, making a tub of ice cream isn't the worst thing in the world to do. Or egg nog! LOL

Nancy - if only you weren't so far away . . . I'm at a meeting this week and Paul is enjoying the leftovers.

Barb - it was horrid hot and humid here. I baked it at 5 am when it was 'cool'. I do admit that I far prefer baking in the winter. LOL


Jerry, I like your idea of baking at 5 a.m.! It's remarkably hot and humid here as well, and of course I've invited a crowd for dinner Saturday night.

I'm going to move my window air-conditioner into the dining room for the occasion, but I might think about baking really really early and give the shack a chance to cool down before evening!


Sandra - since you bought your new pottery you have become an entertaining guru! your friends are lucky.

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