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August 06, 2009


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Ice water! Who knew? I am so trying that.

Cindy Ruth

I've been eyeing that photo myself for a while now. Tell Paul what a great job he did-they look so good!


Oh drool...those sound incredible! I'm SO showing up on your doorstep whining to be fed if I ever visit Ottawa. Which possibility is looking more and more likely now that my good friend Jane just moved there...well they are on the way, driving up yesterday and today, with their 2 sons and a dog. (Er, not that I imagine you care about my friend Jane, whom you've never met or heard of, I'm sure! But I thought it would be seemly to relay this crucial information so you'll be aware of my impending appearance on your doorstep! lol)

Barb Cabot

When I saw the title of this post I said to myself "Oooh Goodie a burger recipe!" I'm very much in the mood for a good hamburger. This one sounded great. Thanks Jerry for the post and the cute story of Paul and your mom. Sweet.


I think Paul fellt rather foolish dunking the burgers in the water Laura. The 'scientist' in me (yes, there is one somewhere) wanted to do two burgers as a control but I was overruled. I can say that theyw ere amazingly moist and delicious burgers.

Paul says 'Thanks' Cindy!

Anne - you'd have a long drive for your burgers - we're outside of Toronto! LOL But hey - you'd be welcome anytime.

Barb - we've done lots of burgers this year. Lamb, turkey, chicken, and beef . . . they've all been good.


oh that's funny...I don't know why I thought you were in Ottawa!


Who knows. You could visit Sandra there though!

And here I thought you were like those tourists who visit Rome and want to drive to Paris for a day trip. LOL

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