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August 04, 2009


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You have an Adults only theater?! I want one!(whine)


Thanks for the review. I've read all the books but have only seen the first two movies so I have some catching up to do. My nephews have just started getting into HP so I'm looking forward to watching with them. Right now, they are only allowed to read and watch 1-3 because their parents think things get too scary with #4. :)

Brad'll Do It

Could it be your considerable ennui with the Harry Potter flicks is that we're on the SIXTH one? Has there even been a six-picture series with the same characters? Even Star Wars wandered pre- and post- the original characters. I'm not surprised that this HP flick wasn't a barn-burner, especially with the finale relatively imminent.


Good review - we saw it the weekend it was released, and I wish I had reread the book first, but still I enjoyed the movie quite a bit. David, who has not read any of the books, thought it dragged, but I did explain to him how this book sets up the action for the last book, so we shall see.


Great review, Jerry. Yup "flat and deflated" pretty much sums up my reaction. In fact, afterward, my girlfriend and I were looking for those 100% satisfaction guaranteed, or your movie is free signs, but alas there were none in sight. Hubbies felt the same, although our collective gaggle of teens raved about the movie. Alan Rickman remains my absolute favourite...I'll keep going to HP movies just to watch him!


Kendall - they serves you beers and wine in your seat! It is a dream.

Good parents Annie!

You might have nailed it Brad. Mind you - I still get excited about the books - proving how child-like I am.

Marcia and Anne - my friend went and saw it a second time and liked it far more - I wonder if that will help? Perhaps an experiment is in order . . .


Very interesting, Jerry. I was planning to see this in the next few days -- I'm a big HP fan -- but maybe I'll wait for the DVD instead.....


A second time? Yeah...let me know how that goes! ;) Although it IS playing on the IMAX screen in Halifax, maybe that would make a difference?


You should go and see it Sandra - I'd be interesting to see what you thought! I'm not sure I want to wait 6 months until it is out on DVD! LOL

I bet it would be really cool on the IMAX!


I have Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in my DVD player right now. Will need to come back to read your review after I watch it. I love Harry Potter. The new movie was being advertised quite a bit while I was in Italy this summer.


I wonder what it would be like to see a HP movie in Italy . . . it would be cool to see if Italian audiences responded as NA ones did.

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