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August 21, 2009


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and we are sitting and waiting for Hurricane Bill to arrive Sunday....looks like it could be interesting, water, battery, candle sales are throught the roof


I've been hearing a lot about that storm today -- glad to hear that you, Paul and Beckett are fine!

Barb Cabot

Whoa Jerry, that's some craziness. I'm so glad you are all safe.


Holy Cow! Glad you are all ok. How scary! I agree about muting the sound on the video...


I didn't know you had Tornados in your area. They scare me, at least with a Hurricane you know when its coming well ahead of time.


Rose - have you cleaned up the basement. We heard a strange sound after all of the rain. Discovered that we had a sump pump and it worked! LOL Who knew?

I drove through the area north of TO was that hit on Monday Sandra - it was pretty nasty.

Thanks barb!

Girasoli - now that we are in this new era of media perhaps we need to develop a new set of social norms to guide folks.

I understand how you feel Kendall - these folks had little or no warning.

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