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September 18, 2009


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Definitely not bored!

Congratulations on your milestone!

Cindy Ruth

Congratulations on your 1000th post! And I love the title A Life Lived for your blog.

Barb Cabot

I love the title " A Life Lived" too! It's been a wonderful read for all of us, a real added delight to my days. A toast to you Jerry and here's to at least 1000 more posts. I'll be reading!


Congratulations! I love what it has evolved to - never boring. And the rantings do keep me coming especially so I can keep up on the Canadian politics.

Here's to another 1,000!


Congratulations on your milestone, and as Marta says -- here's to another 1,000!

I like your thoughts, musings and rants, but A Life Lived would also be a good choice. So long as it wouldn't cut down on the number of rants.


Aren't you guys kind!

I appreciate anyone who overlooks spelling and grammatical errors. Mom used to point them out to me on a regular basis - I had to remove the blog link from her PC. Since she can't figure out websearching she has never found it again! *smile*


1000!!! Time to celebrate :) I am nearing 500. I have a long way to go to reach 1000. Congratulations!


LOL - girasoli, you'd be surprised at how quickly it goes.

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