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September 24, 2009


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Barb Cabot

"That's our Jerry!" Yayyyyy for YOU! Greece in one week? Holy Moly I'm so jealous but so happy for you and Paul! Countdown has begun.


Greece in a WEEK! Yahoo!

Cindy Ruth

Okay, Jerry, you look like you have lost LOTS of weight! Good job. And I hope you and Paul have such a wonderful time in Greece. I do have to admit I am quite jealous!


What a nice way to (almost) begin your vacation. Have a wonderful trip!


Greece in a week!! How cool!! As someone with a fear of public speaking, I am in awe.


It was the briefest blog post every - and it was late. LOL I blame my colleagues for leading me astray.

5 days now barb - not that I'm counting or anything.

Thanks Cindy. It seems so long since our last vacation that we're really looking forward to this one.

Thanks Sheri!

Thats a fear that I left behind me years ago girasoli. It was either that or select a different line of work. ARGH I can relate though. :-)


Maybe you do your best work when you are under the gun before a vacation.

But what about after you are "overserved"?

Have a great trip!


That may well be Nancy. I should go on vacation more often.

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