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September 21, 2009


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There are no words...


Look on the bright side, there is some comfort in the consistancy of stupidity. It always makes me feel like a genius(LOL).
Also, I have always thought we humans should be licensed to breed, and some gene pools should die out entirely. And yes Jerry, I do believe mine should be one of the latter.(smile)


To make matters worse, they were probably paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by Dr. Phil to appear on his show. Enough to pay their legal bills. The book-and-movie deal they're likely about to sign will only prove that crime really does pay!

And people wonder why we're cynical.....


Perhaps if we put just a tad more value on education, some of these people might have some hope (although I still think there are some who will always be hopelessly stupid).


True Rebecca - but I found some! LOL

I would never say that Kendall - BTW someone nearby was recently arrested for driving a lawnower whilst drunk. I immediately thought that you had come to the great white north!

I don't doubt it Sandra. How depressing.

Exactly girasoli - a good public education would solve so many of these problems. Well, good parenting at the beginning wouldn't hurt either. *smile*

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