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September 08, 2009


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sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

That hat is precious. I hope Paul got to bring one home.

I'll join you under the Tuscan stars!

Barb Cabot

That looked like fun. Gotta try it at least once. Now you can check that off the list. Love the hat.


Did you drive down to Buffalo for this festival? How far is is from where you live? Too bad the wings weren't better. The hat is creative though.


Love the hat. I love chicken wings and did not even know they have a festival in their honor. Even if the wings were mediocre, the people watching would be half the fun.


Ah, I do enjoy watching life's rich pagent unfold.....How did you keep from smacking that kid's hat right off his head? (Well, okay, I suppose there are laws about that!)


Sadly there were none for sale this year Sandi!

The festival was fun - the people watching in particular.

It is like so many things in life - wonderful to experience . . . once. LOL

Sandra - for a minute I thought Kendall had hi-jacked your keyboard . . . *smile*

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