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September 06, 2009


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Both of those look fabulously delicious. Like Terry said in the forum, your version of Bobby Flay's look too good to eat. I am going to have to try both of these... This is from someone who has not even done her small bite contribution yet. LOL. But I have tons of shrimp in the freezer.
Once again, great start! Thank you for sharing.

Barb Cabot

Wow oh Wow Jerry! Those two recipes look out of this world delicious. Really spectacular choices. This slowbites theme is so much fun to follow. I can tell I'm going to get alot recipes for parties. Yippee. thanks.


You've inspired me; I've got two crab recipes for next week that I've been debating about. Maybe I'll just make both!

These both look amazing. I bet you throw a great party! The Bobby Flay one is beautiful.


I am SO going to make the roasted shrimp recipe. Soon!
It looks so good, I plan to serve it as a main course.


The shrimp cakes turned out well Eden - they tasted even better than they looked!

I agree Barb - I'm looking forward to the slow bites.

Thanks Annie. We've been known to go a wee bit overboard with the party food. LOL

It would be great as a main course Deborah - It was meant that way - we just made them smaller to serve as a small plate.

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