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September 20, 2009


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Hey, Jerry! Great recipe. And as we all know, "Everything's Beta with Feta!" (go ahead and groan).
Happy trip planning. I'm envious.

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

Bill would be eating mushrooms for a month if it would get a whack o' airmiles!
These look awesome. I am linking you up!

Cindy Ruth

These look really good. I haven't stuffed mushrooms in years either.

María I.

I love love mushrooms and eat them regularly but have never stuffed them. This looks so very good that I may make them for the very first time using your recipe.


I need to make these soon; they look great.


Finally caught up around here...it was a lot of great reading, so thanks! I am stealing this recipe...anytime you want to put anything Grecian on a plate in front of me, I'm in.


I smiled and groaned just a wee bit Deborah. It is impossible to groan too muh when you're involved.

It is funny what we'll do to get airmiles isn't it Sandi? LOL

Isn't it funny how we seem to go in waves with the foods we're attracted to Cindy? I know I've gone more multicultural with my cooking but I guess it is time to bring back the mushrooms.

I should sent you my great recipe for crab stuffed mushrooms Maria. MMMM

Thanks Annie.

Kayte there is always lots to read. *smile* I am sure that more of Greece will 'appear' in our cooking when we return. *smile*

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