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September 16, 2009


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Jerry--who gets up at 4 am-even if they can't sleep. This is really a very funny entry--particularly liked the computer part of it. Suggestion: don't worry about the workshop for 4 more days and it will be great. Have fun in Greece.

Brad'll Do It

I think you handled it all perfectly, especially with the You Tube finish. Was there wine involved?

I'll bet you survive all this, and will appreciate your upcoming trip even more (if that's possible).

Barb Cabot

Just keep saying as the count down goes..."only 14 more days, only 13 more days etc." Jerrry you are going to GREECE! I can hardly contain myself with the anticipation and I'm not even going...hang in there!


Isn't it amazing how therapeutic travel can be -- even before you leave!


I'll tell you who Jane - people who need their heads examined - that is who! LOL

I debated wine Brad but was worried that it might put me over the edge. Now some might suggest that I was already there - those folks should just move along. :-)

YUP Barb - that does it, it really does.

I agree Sandra. I recall how hectic work got for you before your last trip to Italy.

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