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October 17, 2009


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A. @ A Changing Life

Coincidentally I was going to post a bird begging for food outside a restaurant too! I can understand staying well back. I'm sure they can be unpredictable.


Well, as long as pelicans are not nuisance as monkes, I guess it is all right. Have a great weekend. CY


wow that's a big one!

Here's my entry


Fabulous choice!
Have a safe flight home!


What a crazy sight! Cool pic. Safe travels home.

Mrs. Mecomber

Yikes! I'm glad to hear no one lost an eye... but I guess that may be a reason why all those old pirates had eye patches? :-p

I enjoyed your post. Enjoy your weekend!
Mrs. Mecomber


Very cool. I never had heard the story behind Gail's pictures. You were smart to stay far away! Hope your trip is going well.

Sandy M

That is one big bird!


OMG! He is HUGE!
Can we eat a pelican?


I never realized pelicans were to big! Very cool photo and interesting story.


He was a big beast. I think the locals would be upset if one were to try and eat their island mascot. They sure seemed to please the tourists. LOL

Kathy (Trekcapri)

Hi Jerry, somehow I missed your PH this week. That is a great photo. I didn't know that pelicans were that large. I'd stay far back too.

Great shot!


Thanks Kathy. I was surprised at how big the pelicans were too. For some reason I was expecting a small bird. I had no need to get up close and personal (especially knowing what happened when Gail did that! *smile*)

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