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October 30, 2009


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I agree...this is possibly the grossest medical advice ever.


I agree Jill. The other day I sneezed and didn't use my sleeve/ You wouldn't believe the looks I got - one would think I had just committed a serious crime.


I'm with you, Jerry. I think it's one thing to cough into your sleeve, but sneezing? Definitely time to call in the Kleenex!


Recently saw someone pull out the neck of her sweater and sneeze down inside. I thought well thank you for being so considerate, but...don't expect the same in return!! No freaking way am I sneezing my goo down my shirt!


Ahh, but in Hawaii we usually wear short sleeves all year so we cough onto our arms and then can wash them right off. Never thought about the complication of coughing into a sleeve.

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How about don't touch stuff. The japanese figured that´╗┐ one out. They don't shake hands, they bow.


This came up over dinner last night ehre in Sudbury, it appears the lots of folks agree with the anti-sleeve sneeze. LOL Mind you, we're all doing it.

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