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November 21, 2009


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Love the collective bird photos... Grecian birds look elegant (Athenian owl and Pedro, too) in their settings... even the pigeon. :)

Mrs. Mecomber

Very enjoyable photos! I love the mosaics.

4-5 birds named Pedro?! These folks aren't too creative, now, are they? ;)

My Photo Hunt is up, too. Hope you can visit. Have a great weekend!
Mrs. Mecomber


Jerry, those mosaics are very beautiful -- Rhodes must have been remarkable.

I also love the large owl sculpture; normally, I loath all birds, but owls (and robins) are the rare exception!

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

I think that is Gail's pelican.
I had lots of bird pictures... a tough decision today.


Great collections of birds! The mosaics are really beautiful.

Scott Law

Great take on the bird theme. You covered lots of angles with this one. Way to go.


Great group of bird photos. Love the mosaic birds.

I had to laugh that all there are 4-5 famed pelicans named Pedro. Is that even a Greek name?

Maria I.

Cool bird photos. I'm particularly drawn to the mosaics and a bit scared of Pedro the Pelican. I don’t like big birds, like turkeys, pelicans and flamingos.


Thanks for stopping by on photohunt Saturday.

If you think the mosaics are beautiful you should have seen the rest of the castle! Rhodes was stunning!


What a wonderful collection! Those mosaics are awesome. :)

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