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November 07, 2009


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Meikah Delid

Was the flag really there all this time? Or you just put it for the shot? :) The flag though, which is standing amidst stones and leave, sends out the message of courage and hope. Happy Veterans Day, indeed! :)

My PhotoHunt is here.


My grandparents have lived in Maine (just outside Friendship) for decades now. There are a number of gravesites like this one. . . so amazing.

This was a great shot for the theme!

Teena in Toronto

I love old graveyards!

I played too :)


An amazing find. It must have been really interesting to check out the cemeteries. Here in the west - the cemeteries are so 'young'. But some of the pioneer cemeteries are pretty cool. Good choice for this week's theme.


Nice peaceful spot. I also love graveyards.


Great shot. Must have been an interesting cemetery with such old grave stones.

Nancy Knowlton

One of these stones marks a Civil War soldier from Deer Isle who died and was buried in the battlefield. Our American Legion Post and Boy Scouts place American flags on all graves of those who have served each year before Memorial Day.


Meikah - thye flags were put there by the local residents (read down).

Lucky them Lisa- maine is a wonderful spot.

I shall pop by for a visit Teena.

It was so cool to see them Marta - I love history so I was fascinated and wanting to know the stories behind it all.

We should look for some in your area in March palma.

It sure was girasoli.

Thanks for the background nancy - I am jealous . . . Deer Isle must be such a wonderful spot to live. Ahhhhh

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