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December 23, 2009


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Gail Hecko

OMG, Jerry, I can't stop laughing!!

All you have to do is super-size those minis and you've got the basic diet of most Americans. No offense, anyone. (She says, as she's craving those sausage balls)

barb Cabot

I could eat all that and be a very happy camper. Such a wonderful party. Sounds like you have a great group of co workers.


Jerry, Jerry, I was laughing so hard as I was reading this!

So those are trailer-trash- come-to-the-city food that I have been eating all this time??? No one told me that... Thanks for the information, Jerry.

Love this post!


How very festive! But what a shame that you had to drink martinis, I guess the LCBO was sold out of Baby Duck??

A friend of mine (who did, in fact, grow up in trailer courts in northern Alberta) used to host annual trailer-trash parties. I can still see her now, hair in rollers and covered with a green chiffon head scarf......those were the best parties! Ours seemed to feature a lot of sculpted Jell-o!

sandi@ the whistlestop cafe

How did you find my family's secret recipe for sausage balls? Karo syrup is the key.

I think you did us proud!


Thanks for the great food suggestions Gail. I'll have to try that saltine thing next!

Trash food is so very satisfying isn't Barb? LOL

Eden - I'm not sure that any of this is allowed in california!

Sandra - we had a great time talking about the vino we could serve. Then rational took over.

I once got a bottle of baby duck as a joke gift. 'Tis still in the cellar.

Sandi - i got all of the recipes from YOUR cookbook!

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