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December 13, 2009


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Cindy Ruth

Your tart looks great. Unfortunately, another week of not participating for me. Got back in town late yesterday, and was too tired to do anything. Just managed making the Daring Cooks Challenge for dinner tonight, which will be posted tomorrow.


This looks and sounds delicious and will be baked here on Saturday...perfect for a light dinner.

Next topic - are you serious in that you do not get frozen puff pastry in Canada? Or frozen artichoke bottoms? What else can't you get there (other than the frozen toasted sweetcorn)?


The tart looks so yummy that I could, well, yes ... eat it! I love the combination of artichoke and tapenade flavors. I must make this during the holidays.


Thanks for selecting artichokes Sharon!

Robert - we have frozen puff pastry but it is in a brick which must be rolled . . . the stuff from the states is all rolled out. I like that.

We can't get frozen pastry thta isn't already in a foil pie shell. I like to roll THAT myself.

The never ending challenges of a cook's life. LOL

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