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January 17, 2010


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Glad you enjoyed it, Jerry! Always somewhat nerve-wracking to suggest an unproven recipe! But I also love the smoked paprika, and thought the flavors would work with roasted chicken.

Would your college roast chicken be related to my former roommate's who didn't know about the little paper sack of guts inside the bird?

Also, I'd love to get that gingered parsnips recipe when you have time. Thanks.


I'm also really interested in the gingered parsnips recipe, Jerry!


It was a great recipe. Like you I used half smoked sweet and half smoked hot paprika. Only the Fresh Market smoked hot paprika was not that firey, has a kick no doubt, but not like what you are describing with your brand.


You and Candi both used the hot paprika. I will find some of that and try that next time.

BTW, I love the zin glass inscription. :)


Great-looking chicken, Jerry!

By the way, I DID like the blue cheese ice cream!


I'll post the parsnips today - they were amazing.

Eden - we got those glasses at Four Vines in Paso Robles. Marcia, David, Kathy, Paul, and I went for an early morning taste there and I couldn't resist. Somehow it seems rather appropriate for me.

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