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February 21, 2010


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Jerry, your post is great! And now I've decided to challenge myself to eat something that here-to-for has resided on my "I've never eaten it, but I just KNOW it's gross." list. I'll keep you posted on what that might turn out to be.


I ate a goat burger once at a small town fair somewhere in Southern Ontario when I was a teen. I remember it being really yummy, but I haven't eaten it since mostly because I haven't seen it anywhere. It really is interesting how cultural our food choices are. Wonder if I can find goat meat here in Seattle?


Laura - I don't doubt that you were trying goat back then. Don't forget that you were the one who started me on my life of food exploration . . . Apparently you can often find it in hispanic grocery stores.

Thanks for testing my boundaries Deborah - it was GREAT!


I found you through some tough Googling for a goat recipe. I had bought goat for the first time ever because we have a new butcher in my area that carries only sustainable meats and I had never tried goat. I loved your recipe, and I discovered that I really like the meat-- The only thing in the mix I found a little off was that the oil-cured olives I used were excessively salty (yes, even for olives) and I thought I might sub green olives next time.

Laura, I'm in Seattle and bought mine at Bill the Butcher on Sand Point Way.

Goat will now be an occasional part of my repertoire, thanks to you, Jerry.


Janine - i am glad that it worked for you. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the goat as well - a shocker, really.

I have another goat recipe ready to try out - a delicious goat curry. MMMMM

Let me know how your future goat adventures turn out!

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