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February 05, 2010


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Sounds like a great recipe! Bill loves mac and cheese AND cauliflower, so guess I should make it for him sometime.


That sounds like the perfect way to make everyone happy nancy!

Pamela Lee

Alternatively - if on budget (oaps or students) cook Cauliflower until knife will go in gently. Cook macaroni separately. Then using a packet (read instructions) make a cheese sauce but adding more grated cheese (strong cheddar's fine)and more milk to make thick sauce. Shake little S & P over your cauli and macaroni then put in oven proof dish and pour over sauce - pop in oven for a few minutes to slightly brown top of sauce.


That would be a good quick variation Pamela Lee - unforunately those packets of mac and cheese contain so many additives and sodium. SIGH


This isnct.Jamies recipe. the complete recipe requires a crunch crumble topping made from bread crumb and pancetta. Not the only site to miss out this finish. Odd!


Steven - there must be multiple versions of the recipe out there. You made me curious so I went back and checked - the version in the North American edition of the book has no topping at all. Believe you me, I'd have jumped at a toping of crumbs and pancetta!


this is not how he done it today's 30 minute cook show can i have the real recipe


Annette - he did a different recipe on his show. It is similar but had some pancetta of crispy bacon added to the toping which would add a great crunch. I don't think his other recipe is posted anywhere.

Colin B

Why it wasn't cheesy enough in 30 minute recipe,
slightly different. includes pancetta and breadcrumbs (with cheese) topping.

Pancetta under grille (# in pan used to bake cauli/macaroni mix), blitz with bread/cheese mix.
add rosemary.

Cook pasta and cauliflower.sea salt water& olive oil: drain (retain pint of water). place in baking tray #, add garlic and more cheddar cheese. creme fresh, salty water from cauli/macaroni and bake under low heat.

Put breadcrumbs/cheese/pancetta mix over the top and bake until golden brown...

Anne M

Think he made a topping in the processor with 3 slices of good country bread, herbs of choice, 2 garlic cloves, smoked cooked pancetta (looked like 3 rashes grilled) and olive oil all blitzed together to make a crumble like topping. That is what I can remember from the half hours cooking show today. Anyone else agree. He put this on top of his cauli/pasta stuff and browned in oven

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