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February 20, 2010


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well for not wanting to cuddle you still got a good cuddly shot!


Very interesting take on the theme
Mine's up, too.


That is such an interesting statue. One doesn't think of our love of animals being timeless but this shows how far back our love of animals goes in our culture.

Great and different take on this week's theme.


YOU are too cuddly. We shall see if you still are as a skinny guy!


I love your posting. Such a lovely statue and 3000 years old is amazing!

Scott (AKA Bull Rhino)

It's hard to make a statue look cuddly, but that one says it loud and clear and is a great angle on the cuddly theme this week.
Scott at World’s Best Photography Blog ;^)


cute statue! Mariposa's PhotoHunt


That was one of the things that I admired - such nature human emotion wasn't often depicted back then.

I sure the hell am not Palma - you have had two hugs that I recall - one more and you're done. LOL

Thanks for popping by on photo hunt Saturday!


Yes Jerry you do cuddley. You have kitties!


Cats aren't cuddly - they are independent SOBs - which I why I like them so much! LOL

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