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February 28, 2010


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Ah, Jerry! I agree completely, and could have written this myself. Well, actually, I'm not as good a writer, so technically, I couldn't have written this. But, still...I'm completely on your page here!


If Rachel is to sweet, Paula Deen must put you into a coma... and what about dress like your dinner semihomemade?



Maria I.

Like Deborah, I'm with you about the perky one.

I would complain to the management if the TVs at my gym were tuned at anytime to the Food Network.


You sell yourself short Deborah - youa re a brilliant writer.

I've never actually watched an episode of Paula Deen. Poor thing - to think I mock her without any first hand experience.

It sure was Laura!

Maria - the problem is a woman comes in, generally about 10 minutes before I finish, and turns all of the stations. I think we're all afraid of her - she is GRIM!

Miccall Miccall

Your blogs and information attracts me to come back again n again.

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