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April 30, 2010


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Really, no Giada there? I like Giada's recipes just for what they are...her take on modern American/Italian/Giada food. These muffins of the combined effort between your recipe and hers look very tasty! I am going to have to try ricotta in baked goods, so far I have only used it in savory, but you have me curious now.


OH, these do sound good. I must make these--soon.


Actually I must confess that giada doens't annoy me like Rachel Ray - EEEK! At least Giada knows her techniques and communicates well.

They are amazing jane - you won't regret it.



I wasn't aware that Google was also your good friend. Small world! :)


I like Giada - she has such a beautiful smile. But, Rachael, that's another story.

Those muffins sound so good - could I have one right now?


I wonder how we survived without GOOGLE?

Sure nancy, just pop on by!

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