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May 09, 2010


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Lynsey James March

Yum! I don't think a lot of people have an appreciation yet for what pizza is like on the grill. This is a great sounding recipe!


This is going to be my summer to try a pizza on the grill. I have seen them all over the place on the blogs and really think it would be a good thing to give a go. Thanks for the inspiration.


If they don't that they should just try it Lynsey!

You won't regret it Kayte. I am sure that the guys will be very happy. With all of that amazing bread that you are making this would be a happy addition.


Your pizza looks great, Jerry!

This is going to be a great summer recipe for a lot of us!

Barb Cabot

Wow it looks so good.

Levinson & Axelrod

Excellent pizza. Thanks a lot for sharing your recipe.

Rob Poulos

That looks very tasty! Thank you for sharing the recipe! =)

Mike Geary

Wow, that looks great! Only I'll have use vegetable oil instead of olive oil because I am allergic to olive oil =(

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