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May 03, 2010


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I'm glad you posted this! I remember seeing these recipes in Bon Appetit and thinking I should save them, but then I set it aside and forgot.

The gratin sounds especially delicious. I'm dealing with an abundance of potatoes right now so I'll try it tonight!


Have most of these ingredients on hand (with teens, Mexican night once a week is a big hit), so I think I can muster up a little holiday festivity before the Cinco gets here! Thanks for the recipes. It all looks wonderful.


Oh, yeah, and the Modern Baker group (Nick Malgieri's book) I have Spicy Jalapeno Cornbread this week...thinking this can fit in with this meal, right? Right! Thanks again.


All looks great but I'm particularly interested in trying the gratin. I've made one with poblano and potato but I never thought about adding corn. I'm also going to try thickening for a change. Most of the time I don't.


The gratin was amazing - I could have used soem with the steak tacos I made tonight. MMMM

I hope the guys enjoy it as much as we did kayte.

MMMM - spicy cornbread. i do love that!

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