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May 26, 2010


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Healthy Foods Blog

Wow! It's hard for me to express how elegant and sexy this martini is. I'm totally amazed.

- Tera

Gail Hon

Hi Jerry, found your blog quite by accident one day while searching for articles on Italy and have been checking back each day. The Strawberry Martini looks interesting but, all that vinegar scares me. 12 to 15 dashes and then drizzled in the glass also, isn't that a lot of vinegar? Always like trying new drinks. Always enjoy your pictures, recipes and "Trials and Tribulations"


Its funny Gail - you don't really taste the vinegar (well you taste it but it doens't ahve a strong vinegar taste - more of that sweet taste you come to expect with good balsamic).

It is al of those things Tera!

dining table

I am so curious with this one! I wonder how it tastes like!

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