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June 26, 2010


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Mother of the bride in purple... I hope I got this in the right slot... Loved this photo!


I am just loving your everyday people/things shots from this trip this time...it is just the sort of slice of life that makes one smile at the image. Very nice photo...it leads one to think, contemplate, speculate...and smile with the familiarity of it all.

Sreisaat Adventures

Gotta love the purple polka dots dress!

And Miles To Go....

A wonderful purple choice!


Looks like the mother of the bride was there to make sure that no one got in her daughter's way on the way to the church!!! :D

Alice Audrey

No way I'd wear that dress. Not me. uh-uh. Purple or not, I'll skip the spots.

Alice Audrey

It just occurred to me that we are both fashionable this week.


Ha ha! Love it. I've always heard it's good luck to see an Italian bride...might be even luckier to see the styling mom!


Great shot. :)

Mariposa's PH!


That's a very good capture. Thanks for sharing!

Purple blossom


What a great photo! Kudos to the mom for such a happy, bold fashion choice.

My purple post is up


Love the purple polka dots, what a great dress

jams O'Donnell

You are right that is a very stylish dress. Great take on the theme!


Purple Polka dots. That is a bold statement by the mother. Love it.


I am just thankful I didn't wear purple all week!


Seems like purple is really the "in" color in Italy this season.


This is a very cool photo! LOVE the dress! What a statement. Great choice for the theme.


Thanks for popping by on photo hunt Saturday - in my books a splash of colour is always a fine thing!

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