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June 20, 2010


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Loved this post! I can't find a single item to disagree with.


I have to add to your second one. People who drive slowly in the left lane and don't move over to let you pass. Infuriating.

Robert Barrett

Funny stuff. I was waiting for the bus home last night, and a lady on the bus bench had on such a low-cut dress that her boobs were...just...out there. All of them. Both of them. Ah, Los Angeles...


My biggest pet peeve......the use of irregardless. Its not a word people! Its redundant. I have even heard college educated people use this non word. Arghhh!


See how you get us wound up?!


Amen to all of it. I'd like to add people that can't walk two steps to put their grocery cart back. And those stupid names....you should see the wacko ones in our intensive care. The dumber the name, the sicker the baby seems to be. I swear there's a connection.


Goodness, I seem to have touched a nerve. I am happy that I am not the only person annoyed at these things - although I may spend more time fixated on them then you do! *smile*

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