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June 25, 2010


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When did rhubarb become so hip? I'm seeing it on every menu lately. I had a fantastic halibut tonight with a rhubarb and strawberry relish. This is a good trend!


The cardamom seems to be the spice of the moment, doesn't it...I find it cropping up everywhere. These sound and look delightful. Each and every single one of them! Someday I will learn to preserve...not now, but someday.


It sure does Kayte - thank heavens because I have a bottle thta needs to be used up. I like its spicy sweetness.

Thank sounds good Laura - can you send the recipe?


I had it in a restaurant Jerry so sadly I don't have the recipe.


Darn - you've inspired me though Laura - tonight is Halibut with strawberry relish! The rhubarb will have to come in a pie.

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