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June 27, 2010


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Sounds delightful and looks so very pretty. Thai...yes, we need Thai very soon. I joined this blog along group called My Kitchen My World. Each month they pick a country and make anything they want from that cuisine and post it. No commitments, post when you want, don't if you don't. Last month was my first month: Mexico and I thought that was okay, this month is India and I have never made anything Indian before, so I grabbed Madhur Jaffey's book from the library (The Queen of Indian Cuisine) and have been exploring. Fun for me...my extent of branching out is usually stealing recipes from your site!


This sounds (and looks) absolutely delish! Now that we've moved on from frigid weather here in N. Ca, I'm going to have to make this real soon. Thanks for posting your recipe.


That sounds like a fun way to expand your foodie horizons Kayte - I can't wait to hear about 'Indian' month!

Enjoy Sharon!

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