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July 02, 2010


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I definitely did not do as well as the last couple of years. Can I have a slight handicap for being American? No? Okay, give me the dunce cap and point me to the corner.


I'm not proud. I'll confess, I only got 3 right. It could've been 4, as I had just read about Josiah Henson, but I couldn't remember his name!

I think I need a cupcake as a consolation prize.

Robert Barrett

I feel like an idiot... only 4 right.


12 right for the ex-pat. I'm good with names, but not dates. Hope you had a fun Canada Day Jerry!


I just watched Susur Lee on Top Chef Masters (he didn't win - I though he would), and I had forgotten that he was Canadian.

And Paul Anka - I thought he was an All-American boy. Who knew?

A belated Happy Canada Day, Jerry!


I think I just may win the prize getting only 1 answer correct (#24 the three oceans question) and I grew up not to far from Canada in New Enlgand! I was only 2 years off though on #20 the $ 1 coin question. My guess was 1989. Let's hope I can do a little better on the July 4th quiz.


You guys did better than I would likely do on a US trivia quiz. I confess that I made this year's quiz a tad more challenging than normal.

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