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July 15, 2010


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Happy Birthday a day late but no less sincere. Loved this post...the Purple Pig...wow, something new and it looks really great. Your friends must have had a great time checking all this food out with you...enough familiar things, and yet with a twist and flair for all of it. Hope it was the happiest of days for you.


What a beautiful view! Glad you enjoyed!


Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a fabulous day.


Looks like a great meal! I want some fried prosciutto balls!


Sounds like you made a good choice for dinner.

A belated Happy Birthday to you!


A smashing way to celebrate your birthday!

Barb Cabot

I'm reading/catching up with your blog after a hellish month. I love this post. What a wonderful bday celebration. I love the date of your birth as well, the same as my Father's. Happy Belated Birthday my slow trav friend. I love your style. May the next year be just as wonderful as the last.


Thanks for the b-day wishes - it was a BLAST!

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