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July 14, 2010


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Wow! Looks like quite the day! Hope you're having a very happy birthday!


You are having way too much fun in Chicago! You can't get Bugles in Canada anymore so that you have a reason to visit the USA, it's a little secret, now you know. Learned that thing about shopping on the way back from somewhere and then in Montreal was set out to do that because we were wallking miles and miles but we took another route back and I couldn't visit the stores where I saw the things I wanted to get. Had to leave the next day, so never did get back to them. So, see, it's a toss up on that buying stuff and hauling it or not thing. Console yourself that you did well. Very fun to hear all the things you are doing. That swan was amazing!


What a fun party that must have been!

Have a great birthday!


I bought Bugles here in Vancouver last Christmas, so maybe it's only in Ontario that they aren't available.


I can't believe that bugles are not available just in Ontario! It must be some sort of conspiracy or something.

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