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July 12, 2010


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I love the boat tours in Chicago! I'm glad that pizza was better than it looks.


Trader Joes's... What is on the grocery list?
Have fun in Chicago~ I haven't been there in years.


Glad you had a great time in Chicago. Lou's is some good pizza if you're downtown, next time head up north to Art Of Pizza. Without a doubt this is the best deep dish I've ever had.


Not going to do the observation deck??? Are you sure? Won't you get home and think that "if only I had done the observation deck!" Okay, I will lighten up. Finally, a city I am familiar with!!! Enjoy! Hope Paul scores some great birthday stuff for you.


I'll have to check that out next time Clint!

Sandi - what isn't? LOL

Kayte - at my advanced age I may just have a heart attack!

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