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August 22, 2010


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What an amazing day you had!

There's a winery near us, and although we've talked about visiting, we haven't yet.


Love the winery names! Both of them.

Charmed life you lead. I am green with envy... all these adventures.


5 wineries...yahoo! Sounds like a great time. We have visited the ones here, the ones in New York, and the ones in California, always a good time no matter where we go...the wineries are such a draw at harvest time!


Wasn't it a Daniel Lenko gamay that you brought to the In 'N' Out tasting? That wine was delicious. I need to get up there sometime to taste.

Barb Cabot

Sounds like such a splendid day. I really love the way you and Paul embrace life. It's the way it should be. You really do make life a party. Love your style Jerry!


Hi there! Nice to read aout your visit to the Megalomaniac winery! I was there yesterday hoping to buy some of the few wines missing from my Megalomaniac collection and was sad to see that they were now out of Major League. I am wondering if you would be willing to sell one? Please email me, I am very interested!


It was a brilliant day. We are lucky to have so many great wineries within a short driving distance.

I'm not sure what you mean Eden and Barb - both of you lead full lives too - its almost impossible to keep up with you between stayvacations, vacatioms, and star sightings! LOL

It was Shannon. We are amassing quite a collection of Lenko's wines.

I'll fire off an e-mail Andrew. I can't believe that they ran out on Saturday - thank goodness we snapped up what we did.


Thank you! I look forward to hearing from you!

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