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November 18, 2010


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It is an absolute tragedy that there are not more teachers who share the philosophy of you and Palma.

Barb Cabot

This post brought tears to my eyes. I feel for my fellow teachers, so many of whom are dear friends. I am no longer in the classroom as a full time teacher but my heart goes out to them. So often I am their sounding board for how the system has changed. How each year some new demands are made while things of value are removed. This is a very hard and difficult time for teachers and for students. Very very difficult times.


Wish that the Politicians shared/understood your philosophy and its' importance to our future. I loose sleep sometimes after listening to DH's stories!


I give American teachers such credit - I don't know how they stick with it through all of this crap. There are some similar trends here but I think since we have more of a sense of public support/networks here in Canada there hasn't been the same level of privatization in our schools nor focus on success . . . or else!

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