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January 07, 2011


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I can see that you are a Cooking Light fan Jerry. Fontina is one of those Italian cheeses that can't be missed.


I am belini - I think more than half of the recipes we try are from CL. I agree with you about fontina - great texture and wonderful complex flavour. Mind you, the last thing I need these days is another cheese that I LOVE! LOL


Perfect winter pizza! I do my 'anything goes' meal on Sunday - next Sunday is this. I don't do tomato-based pizzas in winter (a quirk, I know) and I'm really starting to love 'white' pizzas - which are everywhere here.


Given the dismal quality of tomatoes this time of the year I agree about the need for white pizzas in the winter!


This sounds delicious, Jerry! And so few calories - I think it works with a diet as well!

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