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January 26, 2011


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Love the mini version of the recipe as you described it, sounds incredibly easy to me and looks incredibly good to eat! Funny about the package arriving, etc. I have not heard of this author, I will need to do a little searching and see what I come up with as it is always fun to cook something from a new found author/chef.

sandi @the whistlestop cafe

Why that is exactly how I would describe a dinner at Bottega (I think)
is that like super-fur-us?

Barb Cabot

Love fennel. This looks divine!


So delicious Jerry. I just pulled out some Italian sausage so it needs a home.


Behave Sandi. You gave me the cookbook. You can't be angry at stitt because he refused to stock Whistlestop products or provide you with free meals in exchange for blog mentions.

I had never heard of him either Kayte yet he does seem well-known on the 'net.

Us as well Barb!

It is a quick and simlpe preparation Bellini that yields good results.

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