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January 09, 2011


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Okay, it must be fate, Mark and I just finished discussing when we were going to be able to go and see this movie together as schedules right now are tight on weekends with swim meets for Matt, and finally decided two weeks from now, when Matt was traveling with choir for concerts he is singing in, would work. Disappointed at needing to wait this long (we are both history majors and the time period encompassed, people/players, etc. are ones of interest and knowledge), we said, "Okay, then, two weeks." At which point, I thought, okay, I will do a little blog reading while and first up is your blog with this topic. Weird. Thanks for the review, it sounds marvelous to me!


It really WAS brilliant, wasn't it? Colin Firth is a great actor.


I am sure that you'll love it when you finally see it. I have a history background as well so I think I appreciated it even more.

Funny thing Sandra - I don't generally like him at all . . . until the King's Speech.

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