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March 23, 2011


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The first time I was in SF I did a Shuttle Bus tour and was even able to go inside one of those Painted Ladies on Alamo Square. If your new to an area it gives you an overall view of the city and you know where you would like to explore more and go back.


Thanks for the info on Le Colonial. I have not been there, so this is on my list! Sounds like a perfect place...

I loved reading your tour recap. Tracey, my daughter's first apartment in the city was right behind the Painted Ladies. That place turned condo so she moved to another place on Haight! I always thought "who lives above these places masquarading as stores (on Haight?)"... (That was before daughter moved there.) Answer: daughter. :)


I agree bellini - its a great thing on a firts visit. I'm torn between a bus tour vs a walking tour (although guess a walking tour would be well near impossible with a city like SF).

That would be a cool neighbourhood to live in Eden! I envy your daughter.

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