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March 24, 2011


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I have never been to Alcatraz but I would love to take a night tour:D

Shelagh (SJ)

Thanks Jerry!
I had no idea Alcatraz had any gardens at all.
Some of the areas with balustrades and terraces could almost be in Italy!

Barb Cabot

Amazing transformation. How beautiful. Thank you.


They looks so beautiful even on the overcast day. It is amazing all the hard work that has gone into making this such a beautiful garden. Thanks for posting more pictures.


I would love to do the night tour too bellini - if for no other reason than the brilliant views of the city.

You're right SJ - the style is very 'lake cuomo'! LOL

The power of nature (and a group of dedicated volunteers) is amazing isn't it Barb.

It's had to believe that the island has no natura;l soil at all Marta - they had to bring it all over or 'make' it. That sure must have been a gardening challenge.

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