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April 03, 2011


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Barb Cabot

Loved this post! I know someone like your co-worker too. The world of food you live in is way more fun IMHO.


Oh that looks delicious...grilled cheese, my guilty pleasure! The melty goodness and buttery toasted bread can't be beat...I would try it with any combination of things I do believe...okay, not anchovies...lol! You tried, you really tried!


Your travel companion is like my entire family with no sense of adventure when it comes to food. I think I was adopted:D


You would have had NO trouble getting ME there! LOL Sounds like I need my own tasting experience.


Funny how we all know some folks who just don't appreciate food. I tell you, there are times I look at my gut and wish I didn't appreciate food as much as I did. LOL

If you're ever in SF you should check this restaurant out - you won'y get a better grilled cheese anywhere.


What a great restaurant concept! Wish I had thought of it.


Laura - given the line ups at this spot I wish I had thought of the concept as well. SIGH

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