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May 14, 2011


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it has been a rainy week over here too and i'm craving a bit of sunshine. happy weekend.


we're having rains too..argggh!! I miss the sun!


Weather plays such a big part in one's experience of a place, especially when one is on vacation. I've actually got a couple of blog entries on what to do in Hong Kong when it rains but... if it rains for seven consecutive days on a holiday (even) here... ;S


Everything looks much better under sunshine! Get home safely.


We could do with some of that rain! I love the sunshine, but our gardens are (unusually) thirsty here in Sussex, UK.

jams o donnell

Gah isn;t that always the case! I hope there was lots to do indoors!


It certainly looks much niceer with a blue sky :-)


Thanks for seeing what I was missing on vacation.

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