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July 06, 2011


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I think I would make the dough just to catch the fruit flies Jerry...wink...I buy all of my pizza dough at a local pizzeria so this recipe would work well for me:D


LOL, okay, I laughed through this entire post, but not AT you, WITH you, as your description is so funny. The end result looks terrific to me. In the past couple of years I have set out to learn a little about bread baking, dough, etc. and I have found this: dough has a life of its own and sometimes you have to bow to its vision of itself, sometimes you can coax it along, and sometimes, it is just better to trash it and assume the recipe has a misprint somewhere! I have been at all these stages at one time or another. Have to say, it makes life a little more exciting...lol. I think you can trust Paul, if he liked it, I'm sure you conquered it with coaxing!

sandi @the whistlestop cafe

For taking one for the team and proving that this is NOT the pizza dough recipe to make... post your favorite so we won't have any doubts.

Paul was smart to leave the room!


I recently tried a new dough for pizza (from the King Arthur site) and while my frustrations didn't rival yours, I'm going back to my old standby next time. If it ain't broke... and all that. In any event, the ingredients work so well together and I would close my eyes biting into this heavenly pizza and never see the shape anyway.


I bet we all have had similar experiences. I have my 'go to' pizza dough and should just know by now to leave well enough alone.

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