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July 09, 2011


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Awwww, so cute. We have two Tibetan Spaniels and they are always near one another (comes from instinct in Tibet cold to stay close and provide warmth to one another), unfortunately, Pippin was diagnosed with cancer last month and we are counting the days. I have no idea what Vash will do without him. They are 8 so this is a bit of a shock to lose him so early. Very sad. Anyway, it made me smile to see your kitties this morning and see them NEAR each other. I will enjoy these days when I can enjoy P&V NEAR even more now.

Kathy (Trekcapri)

Hi Jerry, oh what a beautiful photo of your two cats. It's so great that they enjoy being near each other. Wonderful take on this week's theme.

Have a great weekend.


What a couple of great looking felines. I'm glad they're friends!


That is a tough thing to deal with Kayte - it is going to be so hard for Vash to get used to being an only pup!

I shan't share your comments about how good the guys look, thye already have an over inflated sense of self as it is. *smile*

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