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July 10, 2011


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I have friends that live in Denver but I have yet to go. Enjoy guys!!!


Oh, I love it when you travel! I love to read and see all that you share, thanks. One of my favorite little places to eat in Denver is Le Central. It is French food and here is the link for their website: http://www.lecentral.com/ If you go to the website, down the left side you can scroll until you come upon Prixfixe Menus and if you look at this week, and particularly Thursday, you can see they are doing a bit on the Bastille Day theme...thought you might enjoy that maybe. It's great food for a great price and a fun little place to eat. Anyway, just a thought. Have a great time in Denver, can't wait to see/hear about it all!


Lucky you bellini - I wish I had a good excuse to pop this way more often.

Darn Kayte - I wish i had known about that sooner. With my birthday being Bastille Day that would be a great way to celebrate. As it is I turned the plans over to Paul and he has taken care of everything for me. :-)

The menu at Le Central looks delicious.

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