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September 25, 2011


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Sounds like a very fun day!


Didn't come across Bijou when I was there this summer Jerry, but did walk along the river and did a side trip to Lucan.

Barb Cabot

Jerry sounds divine and what a charming little city with so many plus's. Camelot was such a thoughtful gift from your mom. Well soon you are off to Italy, sign...I really love your life and all the style and flair you put into living it so fully! You rock my friend!

Kathryn Gerth

Didn't realize you were so close to Stratford. I have been a few times and some of us were talking of making a jaunt next fall...perhaps it will be the same time you are there as well! Lunch would be lovely...I'll let you know and you can either be conveniently too busy to meet up, or happy to chance a lunch with a blogging friend! Great photos.


It was a brilliant day - Stratford has so much to offer. If you do come up Kathryn let me know - it'd be a blast to meet!

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