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September 16, 2011


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Kathryn Gerth

Shucks...I was hoping that nice stack of those adorable jars was part of a giveaway and I was all ready to enter! They do look lovely. I will have to trust you on that lavender thing as I have that thing with lavender that it always smells and tastes like perfume...same with cilantro, it smells and tastes like soap on my tongue. I just avoid lavender and sub in parsley for cilantro. Your peach jam looks fabulous!


WHERE do you find the time to do all this?


It is easy to see why you wouldn't want to give this jam away Jerry:D

Barb Cabot

You are amazing! These look wonderful. Will they be for you and Paul or are they going to be gifts?


Perhaps some lucky folks shall get a far or too . . . *smile*

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