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October 02, 2011


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It sounds like an exciting project Jerry, and I do understand about spelling of words like flavour. I will hold on to our way of thinking for as long as possible:D I fought for spelling throughout my daughters school years when she was told words like axe, was spelled ax and I don't even know how they spell ploughman:D


I think this sounds like a very educational endeavor.

I got my book yesterday, so I am going to follow along and make a few of the dishes too.

Kathryn Gerth

This sounds challenging...and wonderful! I put the blog in my Google Reader and will follow along, don't know that I am brave enough, or experienced enough, to dream up my own recipes to participate as a reader leaving a connect, but it is certainly tempting. Like I need another blog-along, right? lol Looking forward to seeing what you all make this next year.


It should be interested . . . and more challenging then any of us thought . . .

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