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December 04, 2011


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I love to explore this area Jerry. I really need to come back to Ontario more often!

Barb Cabot

Jerry what a fun and fabulous weekend. The stars were certainly falling into place with all your good luck: accommodations, weather, and wonderful food and wine adventures. I love the way you plan your play time and that you are ever thoughtful of your mom. I want to go there!


Wow -- that vodka sounds fantastic! I've only tried a few Prince Edward County wines, but they were great. One I really like is Sandhurst (I think I have that name correct?)


Sounds fun!


I guess you'll need more time next year bellini! *smile*

I bet it was Sandbanks Sandra - it was one of the wineries that we went to.

It was kayte. I wonder why I fly all over the world when there are great places nearby to hang out.

If you ever make it to this area Barb I'll be happy to take you there. :-)

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